Constructions and Renovations

Sice Previt has been working in the building sector since 1961, with conservative restoration, construction and renovation works, both civil and industrial.
The construction sites are managed, in addition to the technical directors and project managers, by at least one site manager, so that each phase of work can be not only performed but also verified for the proper delivery of the works.The experience gathered in those years allows today to execute with rapidity and precision any type of order,counting on an efficient organization of sites and immediate availability of equipment and materials.
The building warehouse is able to supply the construction sites in Italy and abroad on a daily basis.
The high quality of finish required by our customers requires a particular specialization of the workforce employed on site. Sice Previt can count in its staff many masons,carpenters,ironworkers,plasterers,drywallers,painters,blacksmiths and carpenters who form a workforce of over three hundred people.

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