Production departments

Reparti produzione​

The headquarters of Sice Previt, consisting of technical and administrative offices, production departments and warehouses currently occupies about 20,500 sqm in Segrate, on the outskirts of Milan, very close to the city center and Linate Airport.


Conservative restoration and construction and renovation works, civil and industrial.

Wood Carpentry

Production of custom-made furniture for homes, offices and high-end shops.

Metallic Carpentry

Production of structural elements, shop windows and stairs, and metal furniture and accessories.


Specialized department for the realization of metal accessories and furniture.


The specialized team for the finishing, painting and decoration phases of all coatings.


Department dedicated to the painting and decoration of all the coverings of the objects.

Marble and Glass

Production and development of multiple cutting and finishing processes on marble glass with millimeter precision.


Administrative area, safety and environmental management and human resources management.


Area dedicated to packaging and preparation with care for shipping by land, sea and air.