Cosa facciamo

Sice Previt currently operates through three distinct but complementary internal divisions: building, carpentry and furniture, carpentry/metal-steel.
The three synergic areas have enabled the company to offer its customers the management of each project, from the initial phase to its industrial realization and subsequent testing.
Sice Previt is synonymous with quality and optimization of costs and time of realization of individual projects. The company offers its customers the best industrial solutions, responding to standards of excellence in the areas of safety at work and the environment, priority missions of the company.
Leader in the construction of industrial and residential buildings, office buildings and laboratories, carries out conservative restoration and renovation. The consolidated experience and the great wealth of technical knowledge have allowed the company to achieve an important role in the construction industry, attracting the interest of important Italian and international customers, operating mainly in the Fashion & Luxury segment.
The production of custom-made furniture is the flagship of the entire company structure; the large number of tailor-made interiors for offices, hotels, luxury stores and high fashion boutiques has allowed the company to refine its offer of dedicated services over time. Sice Previt takes care of the prototypes and of all the executive design, including the development of mock-ups and the selection of materials. The production and assembly of the furnishings also allow to coordinate the aesthetics of showcases and accessories, able to give each project a coherent and high-impact final result.

Sice Previt recognized in the change represented by the year 2020 an opportunity to broaden the horizon and decided to invest in the production of its own line of furniture, Fabbrica Arredi, an all-Italian concept of multifunctional design of interiors adaptable to different living environments.

Today the headquarters of Sice Previt, consisting of technical and administrative offices, production departments and warehouses, occupies an area of about 25,000 square meters in Segrate, a town on the outskirts of Milan next to Linate Airport.

In 2016, Sice Previt acquired a 750 square meter logistics detachment located in the French town of Villeneuve Le Roi, next to Paris Orly airport, and the following year it opened its French branch in Paris, Sice Previt France.

In 2019, it also established a second operating office in London, Sice Previt Uk to further consolidate its presence abroad and act as general contractor for projects carried out in the UK.