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The history of Sice Previt has distant roots. After the First World War, Giovanni Tonini, originating from Trentino, worked as a designer and director of projects for dams and hydroelectric power plants at the Omodeo engineering office in Milan. The works carried out, both in Italy and abroad, are great works of transformation of the territory. These are the years of the first earthquake-proof dams, where the innovative capacity combined with experience allowed to build great works with little machinery and many hard-working people. After the experience gained in SIAF, where he specialized in the design of aqueducts, he founded the first company in the history of the Tonini family, “Tonini & Colombo”, a company operating in the field of hydraulic works.
Following the Second World War and in a country in need of reconstruction, Tonini founded a new construction company, “Ditta Ing. Tonini”. Tonini’s strength and determination are to be found in his great passion for the mountains, in his commitment to life, comparable to the care needed when climbing , in his sense of freedom and justice and in his pride of belonging to the Corpo degli Alpini ( Italian alpine trooper ). These values, along with honesty and reliability,not only do they constitute the foundations of Sice Previt , but also leade it still today.
In 1961  Ing. Tonini founded Sice Srl (Società Italiana Costruzioni Edili) and Previt S.p.A. (Prefabbricati Vermiculite Italiana) in which his son Leonardo Tonini used to work, a highly specialized engineer to whom we owe the development of the industrial prefabrication branch.
In addition to his activity as a builder, Leonardo Tonini started, in the seventies and eighties, several entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at the diffusion of new construction systems. Later on, together with other entrepreneurs, he has founded several companies, operating in Italy and abroad, which spread new construction ideas resulting from the comparison among  different professional skills.

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“Le radici delle due famiglie raccontano una storia comune di innovazione, di ricerca, di valorizzazione degli uomini che hanno reso possibile il raggiungimento di grandi traguardi. È un dono che Arturo ed io abbiamo ricevuto e che cerchiamo di trasmettere alle generazioni future con il medesimo entusiasmo.”
Architetto Monica Tonini e Ingegner Arturo Alessandro Maria Caprio

Our philosophy

A friend one day compared the employees of Sice Previt to the tortoise of the Roman army. The tortoise was an infantry formation, designed for a squad of legionnaires, armed with the gladius and the broad, sturdy quadrangular shield. The shields were raised above the head to create a compact cover, which allowed to advance sheltering from arrows and bullets and concealing the real number of members. The legionaries could thus march up to a minimum distance from the enemy lines and, when the deployment was broken, the hand-to-hand combat began. Never was a definition more fitting and never was a compliment more welcome.
Describing Sice Previt and its corporate philosophy is not easy, what is certain is that the reason for its success is to be found in the mentality of the people who work there.
Thanks to this peculiarity, the company has overcome great challenges and earned a leadership role in the construction and furnishing of high-end stores. The legacy and all of the lessons learned are encapsulated today in the biographical books “Mano d’opera” and “A regola d’arte” available on the website. The main characteristic expressed in these books and that represents the workers of Sice Previt is honesty, towards themselves and others. Honesty as an absolute prerogative of the owners of the company since its foundation.

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